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4 Systems of Oppression

ableism communicating across difference cultural humility homophobia internalized interpersonal organizational racism resources sair sexism systemic Apr 26, 2022

First, there is a video here - under 8 minutes, and honestly, it's got value for every single human.  

One of the most consistent things I find doing this work is that none of us want to be called racist, and most of us don't want to do any harm to any people.  Me either.  

This video helped me really understand and be able to articulate to others how oppression isn't 'just' about racism & how all four types can impact one single person.  It also makes a complex concept really simple.  

I hope you watch it.  And pass it along.  This one is free.  

Coming soon - a series of short on-demand modules helping us to speak the same language so that we can communicate across differences more effectively.  


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