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DOG PEOPLE! Create inclusion on your daily walks!

ableism allyship dei deib dog people dogs inclusion internalized racism May 17, 2022

Meet my Covid babies, Bobby and Katara.  They are litter mates - chihuahua mixes. And they are tiny, BARKY dogs.  They bark at every noise.  They bark at leaves.  At garbage bags.  At random litter.  

It's annoying, but comes with tiny, near-sighted dogs.  

AND we are working on being better allies - with our little dogs.  It's as simple as teaching my little dogs not to bark at ANY kinds of people in any kinds of bodies. It's gonna take a minute, but after a week of training, they rarely bark at the many unhoused people where we take our walks.

All I did was change my tone, my energy and stop and talk to people. It was literally that easy.

When someone already feels different or othered, getting barked at only makes it worse.

So Katara, Bobby and I will be over here, driving inclusion, one less bark at a time! We hope you join us!


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