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Not all white people

allyship betty white bob dylan dolly parton internalized racism jimmy carter johnny cash notallwhitepeople racism reese witherspoon May 24, 2022

There’s a common refrain that we hear when someone describes racism with a broad brush.

“Not ALL white people.”


It’s often used to derail a valid concern or complaint. It’s used to deflect responsibility. And it’s used to absolve oneself of responsibility. In that way, the refrain does harm.

AND It is true that not all white people are uninterested or uninvolved in the fight for racial justice. There are numerous white allies that have worked and continue to work for racial equity.

If you are one of those white people and you don't know which white people who have set a great example, even while being imperfect, start with these folks.  You can find details at the embedded links, and on SAIR social media posts.  

Betty White

Johnny Cash

Robert Carter III

Dolly Parton

Bob Dylan

Reese Witherspoon

Jimmy Carter

We hope that this momentary centering of white stories provides inspiration for our white allies to KNOW that they TOO can do the WORK to be “not all white people.” 

Please note:  This list is not intended to be inclusive of all the examples.

AND I hope to add your name to the list someday.  

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