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Some of my favorite songs

ajr crt racism sair Apr 21, 2022

I love AJR.

I know, I'm technically too old to be listening to them, blame my kid if you like, but their lyrics often really resonate with me especially along my journey as an ally.

For example, 100 Bad Days - helps me put the difficult moments that inevitably happen in perspective.

Way less sad - helps me with accurate self talk during my struggles with depression.

Karma is a song I use as a focus point during my work as an Ally/co-conspirator for global social justice, on those days when I am having my own little pity party.

What I want to make sure AJR gets is that we are all a little bit racist.

I worry that even if they know that, their listeners might think otherwise, all because of one simple little song lyric. One of my favorite songs, Three-Thirty... In this song, the band talks about those things that keep them up at night and they self talk through them, with the biggest thing ending up being a concern about how their real thoughts and feelings on important subjects (like politics) would cost them friendships and even fans. The last line says 'And if you're a racist, don't come to my show'. 

We are all a little racist. 

If you wonder how that can be; if you want to respond with something similar to 'Not all white people'; or 'not me, I don't see color' or 'there are Black/Brown folks in my family, so not me' then you are exactly who I am concerned about. From before we are even born our racial socialization begins. It often determines where and when we enter the world and the life expectancy of our mothers during our birth. And even those early moments include socialization through music, movies, TV, radio, both the named and un named things send us clear messages. The beginning of a soothing rythm telling us where we belong and how to be.

My point though, is for AJR. We at SAIR would like to collaborate with you and offer you some free DEIB insights that you could apply to your art. With just a few small changes you could go from intentional Allies to actualized Accomplices in the world of Global Social Justice. You could amplify others & help your fans grow in their journey also!

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