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Loving community and research-backed resources to help white parents of Black and Black Biracial children parent across racial differences.
Love is the foundation.
And there's more to know. 


Share and learn from others who are dedicated to intentionally racially socializing their Black or Black biracial child in a caring, facilitated community.


Deepen your knowledge of how diverse Black and Black biracial people experience the world and hear from Black biracial adults who were raised by white parents.


Access activities, videos and guides to help you introduce race brave conversations, discuss experiences, and celebrate difference.


You don't have to do this on your own.
And you don't have to worry that you're getting wrong.
You're steps away from the caring community and resources that you need to develop a connected, lifelong relationship with your Black or Black biracial child. Join today and cancel any time. No questions asked.

Our mission

My parents loved me deeply. But both lacked the words to help me understand and identify my racial dislocation. For me, the Loving Collective is deeply rooted in the desire that no Black child with white parents and no Black biracial child ever feel as isolated as I did


Meet our facilitators
Corey Williams

Corey is a Black biracial bisexual cisgender woman, a parent, a DEI consultant, and an antiracism educator. She loves country music, historical fiction, and NPR.

Candice Gifford

Candice is a white woman, a former  foster parent, parent to an adopted Black adult son, and a neurodivergent white biological daughter. Candice loves seltzer and collects social justice T-shirts.

Carter Emerson

Carter is a white transgender man, a parent of a biracial daughter and a data storyteller. Carter loves fresh fruit, road trips, and Carribou Coffee.

Monisha Mitchell

Monisha is a Black biracial cisgender woman, a parent, and a transracial adoptee. Monisha is a therapist, a farmer's market devotee and a lover of cake.  

What's Inside The Collective
The Investment

Parenting your Black or Black biracial child with intention is an investment in time, energy and resources.

Each month, you'll have about an hour of video content to watch, workbook exercises for reflection and family activities to delve into. In addition, most months will feature live learning and connection opportunities via zoom. And how much or how little you participate in the discussion is up to you. 

We never want anyone who wants to engage and do this important work to be held back by financial constraints. We offer a sliding scale for those with limited resources.  For more information contact [email protected].




  • Foundation videos & exercises to developing unlearning, de-centering and connection tools.
  • Monthly video content and family activities organized around member chosen themes like positive beauty affirmation, navigating adolescent racial rejection, extended family racist harm and white saviorism.
  • Quarterly guides on subjects like incorporating Black holidays, Black cultural educational travel, selecting emotionally safe schools, and choosing camps and activities
  • Supportive connection and facilitated dialogue to help with the issues you're facing today in a private facebook group.
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