Results & relationship-driven Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging consulting and education

Authentic connection and communication across differences are possible. Join us to unlock the power of inclusive teams and cultures of belonging.

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Results & relationship-driven Diversity Equality Inclusion & Belonging consulting and education

Authentic connection and communication across differences is possible. Join us to unlock the power of inclusive teams and cultures of belonging.

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We value Every Body
(two words intended)

As humans, we have one thing in common. We all inhabit a body. At SAIR, we help individuals, organizations, and teams unlearn body-based and identity-based bias. Through consulting, education, and motivational speaking, we can help you transform relationships at work, at home, and in your community.

Education & Speaking

From custom workshops to our UNLEARN courses, we help you see, name, and address bias in your life and workplace.  

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We work with a wide range of organizations, from international corporations to regional non-profits, to develop DEIB strategy, address tactical issues, and to assess and monitor experiences of equity and inclusion. 

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Ongoing Support

Whether you're a C-suite executive, an educator, a public servant, or a parent - we provide sliding scale consulting support and small group memberships to address real-world DEIB issues on an ongoing basis.

Memberships & Coaching

We are the SAIR Collective.

SAIR is a collective of educators and consultants who work to help organizations and individuals value the identities and experiences of all people. Our work is rooted in deep caring for people, and we hope that you find us kind, caring partners in doing this work. 

We specialize in strategies for unlearning race-based bias, size-based bias, sexuality-based bias, gender-based bias, socioeconomic-based bias, and ability-based bias.


More About Us

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UNLEARN Anti-Blackness

A nine-week, small group course that unpacks the historical origins of anti-Blackness in the United States. Through inner exploration, racial socialization work, and meditation, we unlearn anti-Black bias in a supportive small group. Designed for non-Black business leaders, educators, creators and parents.

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The Loving Collective

A membership group providing education and support to non-Black parents of Black and Black biracial children. Through short videos, Q&As with biracial adults, parenting guides, and an online group, The Loving Collective helps non-Black parents understand, nurture, and fully see their Black child's experience.

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UNLEARN Fatphobia

Coming in Fall 2022, this small group course will explore the roots of fatphobia in colonization, the transatlantic slave trade, and the rise in Protestantism. In supportive community, we'll decouple beliefs about health, fatness, attractiveness, worth, and ability. Designed for people with all bodies, UNLEARN fatphobia seeks to heal those living in fear of fatness or in an adversarial relationship with their own bodies.

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What can you expect when you work with SAIR?

We believe that with empathy for ourselves and curiosity about the experiences of others that we can begin to understand and value those around us more deeply. If you feel discomfort about doing this work, you aren't alone. But we hope that knowing a little bit about the way we approach DEIB work will help. Plus, we're pretty fun to work with.

Change, Not Shame

At SAIR, we believe that learning about bias and oppression can be uncomfortable and difficult, BUT it should not be punitive.  At the core of our methods is the commitment to value everyone’s humanity. We will treat you with compassion and will always assume good intentions. In return, we ask for your sincerity, honesty, and effort.

Transformation Is Possible

We believe that change is possible. Individuals are not their thoughts and feelings - both are changeable. And teams are not immutable, no matter how stuck they might feel. We all have the power to change our biases, our beliefs, and our actions. No matter what we’ve done, we all have the power to do better in the future. And that belief means that we can transform our relationships, workspaces, and communities.

Results Matter

Whether it's in your life as an individual or in your organization's bottom line, DEIB results matter. Our work is grounded in the belief that when people communicate, connect, and experience belonging, relationships prosper, and businesses thrive. Our DEIB efforts for organizations are focused on employee retention, partner development, values-aligned recruitment, and customer loyalty. 

 Danielle Johnson

"I didn’t know what I didn’t know. Through UNLEARN, I started to feel like I didn’t have to feel shame - about things I've thoughts and done…. because my intention  is to change and unlearn. I now have a lot of tools to identify what’s there and address it."

Andrea Harrison

"I now better understand the deep roots of implicit and explicit bias - both in me and others. Understanding this helped me figure out my own role in deepening my commitment to continuing to work for all."

Lynn McLean

I am the owner of a child and family psychotherapy practice. We are all white ladies but we  see families and kids of all different races. I also supervise the work of other therapists.  I was keenly aware of my responsibility to become aware of my own negative stereotypes and biases. UNLEARN was an investment in myself as the leader of an organization that’s affecting children’s lives.  

Marion Grover

"I am a nurse. And last week, I found myself spending more time with a Spanish-speaking patient listening (with a translator phone) and explaining the care plan. I am doing that because of your work.”

Andrea Murray

"I feel like I am more aware and more thoughtful than I was. I'm continuing to catch myself when I have a biased thought and questioning my thinking." 

Saoirse Stewart

"You are helping change the narrative not just in my home, but I’m watching your work be shared and discussed in my very racist town with an open mind."

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