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Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Assessments

Many consulting engagements include one or more assessments to understand how particular groups of stakeholders or stakeholders at large are experiencing your organization.  

Inclusion Assessments

Inclusion assessments are an important place to start when we examine the experiences of stakeholders within an organization. Through surveys of current and former stakeholders, we get a glimpse into how people are experiencing your organization. Qualitative interviews can be paired with quantitative data to yield deeper insights into metrics and give voice to stakeholder feelings.

Plant, Practice, and Policy  Assessments

Plant, practice, and policy assessments measure and analyze the primary features of an organization, product, or process. We assess the ostensive policies against organizational practices and norms to understand where people of different identities may be treated differently.  

Systemic Impact Assessments

In a systemic impact assessment, we look at how organizations, products, or processes compound racial privilege or harm in our greater society. These assessments look at external stakeholders and systems, as well as communities, partnerships, legal influence, and societal leadership.

Collaborative Workshops

As part of consulting engagements, many clients also choose a collaborative workshop with SAIR. Collaborative workshops allow us to simultaneously transfer knowledge and develop skills to manage situations in practice. This hybrid training/skills development method gives clients greater abilities to apply knowledge, ensures that the application is fluid, and that it is aligned with your organization's vernacular.

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Audits

The right goals, plans, and processes are the critical start of the DEIB process. But ongoing success requires auditing, monitoring, and adjustments to ensure that policies are carried out in practice. 

DEIB Audits

Is your organization diverse? At all levels? In all departments? Are people with some identities experiencing more or less advancement, opportunity, and voice? SAIR provides DEIB audits mapped directly to your organization's values and goals. 

DEIB Monitoring & Measurement

We create strategic DEIB plans with monitoring and measurement in mind. We also come alongside organizations and ensure that their existing DEIB strategy is actionable, measurable, and tied to strategic goals and processes. 

Pay & Equity Audits

Are you compensating your employees equitably? We assess hiring, promotion, compensation, bonus, options, and retention plans to align with your equity values. 

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