Strategic and tactical DEIB consulting with a focus on results and relationships.

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When your people belong, your organization wins.

The goal is simple. But getting there can be complex. Here's how we do it.

DEIB Assessments

Whether we’re talking to employees or external stakeholders, assessments are the tool that help us get to the unvarnished truth of experiences. Using carefully designed survey instruments, qualitative interviews, listening posts, and existing data, we develop a picture of identity related experiences in an organization. The result - a detailed map of strengths and opportunities, and recommendations for transformation.

Strategic DEIB Planning Workshops

A comprehensive DEIB plan is more challenging than it sounds. Questions of diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging impact every aspect of the organization. Buy in, communication, fear are all stumbling blocks which must be overcome to develop a realized plan. We facilitate group-based strategic DEIB planning workshops designed to turn critics into stakeholders and develop the buy-in that leads to real change.

Initiative Support

Are you a DEI professional in an under-resourced department, an HR professional with DEIB as a fractional focus, and/or a committee member taking on DEIB in addition to your full time role? If so, you’re not alone. We work with DEIB professionals tasked with the Herculean effort of shifting culture for an entire organization. With support from the inception stage through implementation and measurement, we serve as an outsourced advisor or an experienced team to support your efforts.

Why efforts DEIB fail 

In our work with a variety of clients, we've come to know that there are some common reason DEIB efforts fail. Spoiler alert: it's not typically active resistance. Inertia, low psychological safety, and over reliance on training are all common reasons we see initiatives falter.  By managing DEIB efforts as a change process required for bottom line success, you can overcome these common roadblocks. And we can help.

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