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When DEIB workshops and trainings are unsuccessful, it's often because the content is treated like any other content, and it's fitted into a standard training platform and strategy.  

And DEIB efforts are different from other types of training for many reasons. DEIB learning is: 

  • Deeply tied to individual experiences
  • Often linked to ideas of morality and goodness
  • Predicated on self awareness 
  • A challenge to existing stereotypes and cultural beliefs, and 
  • Is often framed as political

While we are able to draw on many of the best practices that support adult learners, to be most effective, DEIB training must be part of an overall change process. Custom training allow us to meet your team where they are in their DEIB journey - capitalizing on your prior efforts to reinforce and enhance learnings. And with custom trainings, we are able to utilize examples, scenarios and language that's resonant for your organization, improving both understanding and retention rates.

UNLEARN Bias for Leaders

Developed specifically for executives, leaders and managers, this year-long facilitated workshop is designed for leaders to connect with, motivate and inspire employees of all identities. Each month we explore a new bias - from body size to class, from race to sexuality - to understand the historic and systemic issues facing employees on our teams. Together, we unpack cognitive biases and begin to develop new frames for connecting with employees across difference. This transformative workshop is designed for the leadership team that's ready to create a culture of belonging that recognizes and values identity.

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