DEIB Learning and Development grounded in research, elevated by empathy.

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We deliver DEIB learning and development that resonates with people of all identities and backgrounds.

We know that in order to be relatable, relevant, and actionable, DEIB learnings must be adapted to your teams current understandings and beliefs, and be conscious of their identities and lived experiences.

Cultivate Insights: A Fully Custom DEIB Learning Program

Our fully custom training program, Cultivate Insights, is a unique and comprehensive learning experience meticulously crafted to address the specific needs, history, and capabilities of your team. Unlike off-the-shelf training solutions, this program is designed with your team's distinct profile in mind, ensuring relevance, engagement, and maximum impact.


The Advantages of Cultivate Insight

  • Precision Focus:  From the beginning assessment to the topic formulation, Cultivate Insights is built around the nuances of your team's industry, skill levels, and historical challenges. By aligning content with your unique context, the learning is directly applicable to your daily operations.

  • Engagement Boost: Recognizing the familiarity your team has with industry-specific terms, examples, and scenarios, the program keeps participants engaged by using relatable content. This not only enhances understanding but also fosters a sense of ownership and relevance among team members.

  •  Optimized Learning Curve: Understanding your team's existing knowledge base, the program avoids redundancy and focuses on advancing skills from the current proficiency level. This optimization ensures a smoother learning curve, maximizing the efficiency of the training process.

  • Bespoke Solutions: Cultivate Insights is not a one-size-fits-all solution. It integrates feedback loops to adapt and refine content based on real-time responses, ensuring that the training evolves alongside your team's evolving needs.

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Adaptive Understanding: Semi-Custom Trainings

Our semi-custom training program, Adaptive Understanding, offers a dynamic learning experience by adapting titles, content, and examples to your team's current level of understanding. This program strikes a balance between customization and generalization, seeking to include historical issues and examples in discussions for a well-rounded learning experience.


The Advantages of Adaptive Understanding

  • Versatile Adaptability: Adaptive Understanding is designed to be versatile, accommodating teams with varying levels of expertise. It acknowledges and adjusts to the existing knowledge base, making it suitable for diverse teams within your organization.
  • Inclusive Learning: By incorporating real challenges reported by your team, this program promotes greater understanding and inclusivity. Team members can relate to the content, fostering a collaborative learning environment where everyone feels connected to the material.
  • Holistic Understanding: The semi-custom approach ensures that foundational concepts are revisited and reinforced while introducing new and advanced topics. This holistic approach enables your team to build a comprehensive understanding, linking past experiences with current learning objectives.
  • Time-Efficient Implementation: Adaptive Understanding is designed for quick implementation. With a focus on adaptability rather than exhaustive customization, the program can be efficiently rolled out, addressing the immediate learning needs of your team without extensive lead times.
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UNLEARN Bias for Leaders

Developed specifically for executives, leaders and managers, this year-long facilitated workshop is designed for leaders to connect with, motivate and inspire employees of all identities. Each month we explore a new bias - from body size to class, from race to sexuality - to understand the historic and systemic issues facing employees on our teams. Together, we unpack cognitive biases and begin to develop new frames for connecting with employees across difference. This transformative workshop is designed for the leadership team that's ready to create a culture of belonging that recognizes and values identity.

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