Hello, We are the SAIR Collective.

We are a diverse group of humans with a wide range of identities who seek to create a cultures of belonging. We work with organizations to see, value, and include all people, so that they can thrive - as individuals and as a collective.

Corey Williams

Founder & Owner
Marginalized Identities: Race, Sexuality, Trauma History, Mental Health

Dominant Identities: Ability Status, Religion, Housing, Documentation, Formal Education, Socioeconomic Status, Neurological Status

Corey brings a wide range of professional and lived experiences to her work as a DEIB consultant and educator for the SAIR Collective, including management consulting, public speaking, event development and design, and photography. She received a BA Cum Laude from Harvard College in 1998.  Corey is SAIR's lead facilitator and participants in her learning and development programs often cite her empathy, vulnerability, and transparency in their assessments.

Corey developed SAIR's UNLEARN methodology, an advanced de-biasing strategy for unlearning socialized beliefs about identities and human worth. Corey is a partnered Black biracial woman that lives in Chapel Hill, North Carolina with her four children and two small, loud dogs.

Carter Emerson

Founder & Principal
Marginalized Identities: Gender, Sexuality, Trauma History, Mental Health,Ability Status, Family Structure, Religion, Formal Education, Neurodivergent

Dominant Identities: 
Race, Housing, Documentation

Carter brings a tenacious curiosity, a great love of humans and a dedication to eliminating systemic racism to his work at SAIR. 

 Carter brings a wide range of lived experience including experiences as a transgender man and parenting across racial differences to his DEIB work. As someone who has been unhoused, Carter knows firsthand the importance of affordable housing and the toll that housing instability takes on mental and physical health. Carter's data analysis skills and project management abilities make him highly effective leader of DEIB assessments, and his affable, conversational style makes him SAIR's most effective interviewer. Carter has lived in seven states and now lives with his adult daughter in Durham, North Carolina, where you can find him talking to strangers and loving animals.

Will Bennett

Learning & Development Designer
Marginalized Identities: Race, Neurodivergence

Dominant Identities: Ability, Age, Housing, Documentation, Gender 

Will is a 31-year-old biracial man who was born and raised in Auburn, Alabama. He studied English and Philosophy at Auburn University. During the past 6 years, in addition to his involvement with SAIR, Will has been actively engaged as a Parent Educator and a interdisciplinary teacher of  6th-12th grade girls at a private non-profit school for abused and neglected children.

Will is passionate about reading, writing fiction, and playing the guitar. He has been on a journey of recovery from addiction since June 2017, an experience and perspective that has helped him to empathize with and relate to people from all walks of life.  

Hannah Sherrick

 Consultant & Data Analyst
Marginalized Identities: Sexuality, Mental Health, Neurodivergence

Dominant Identities: Race, Ability, Age, Housing, Documentation, Gender, Formal Education

Hannah brings a love of data, her dog Chance, her cats Luna and Nala, and a passion for DEIB to her work at SAIR.  Hannah oversees data analysis for SAIR.  

Hannah was the DEI Program Manager at Airtable and a Peace Corps volunteer in Zambia.  Hannah has a DEI Certificate from the Diversity & Inclusion Program at Cornell, a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from the University of Maryland, with a minor in International Development and Conflict Management, and a Master of Science in Global Gender Studies with a specialization in Data Analytics from New York University.


DEIB Experts + Vertical Expertise = Resonance and Relevance

SAIR utilizes an advisory model that brings together industry experts with DEIB experience to conduct nuanced and customized learning and development.

While our clients don't typically meet directly with advisors, they are a core part of the team that helps us refine DEIB content for the specifics of the industry and to develop scenarios that are relevant to the client's experience. Advisors serve in an consultative capacity at all stages of the project, ensuring that we are seeing all variables that could impact experiences of inclusion and challenges to modifying policies and practices.

Fred Bennett

Affordable Housing

Fred has more than fifty years experience as a real estate professional, with nearly 5,000 apartments, homes and townhomes included his development portfolio.

Dafina Roberts

Entertainment Industry 

Dafina Roberts is an award-winning writer/director/producer with television development experience and an instructor at the New York Film. Academy in NYC.

Kimberly Jones

Secondary Education 

Kimberly S. Jones is a veteran English teacher at Chapel Hill High School. She was named the 2023 Burroughs Wellcome Fund North Carolina Teacher of the Year.

Adam Peek

College Admissions & Post Secondary Education

Adam is the owner of Peek Potential, a college prep consultancy. He has helped hundreds of young people be admitted to their college of choice.

Monisha Mitchell

Social Work & Public Safety Interactions

Monisha is a LCSW with 18 years as a mental health therapist and a  Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice.  Monisha serves on the Zionsville, IN Police Department Use of Force Board.

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