Hello, We are SAIR.

We are a diverse group of humans with a wide range of identities who seek to disrupt cycles of harmful beliefs and dismantle the hierarchy of human worth.  We help individuals and organizations see, value, and include people with diverse identities.

Our backgrounds are as diverse as our identities - with industry experience that ranges from publishing and professional services to financial services and travel.  We've worked in data analysis capacities, marketing, sales, strategic planning, management consulting, and service delivery. This breadth of experiences gives us humility coupled with insight, and the depth of experience gives us capacity coupled with pragmatism.

At the core of our consulting practice is a desire to help organizations become the best that they can be. Not only do diverse teams make better decisions, but they also approach problems with greater creativity and innovate more rapidly. 

The foundation of our courses rests on the belief that cycles of harmful belief are embedded in our family and community structures. And to truly disrupt them, we must take this work into the private spheres of our lives - uncovering bias and power imbalances in our most personal relationships. Our courses are often taken by business professionals who implement de-biasing strategies in their home life, their community leadership, and in their professional endeavors.

Our mission. Our calling.

To disrupt the cycle of harmful beliefs and dismantle the hierarchy of human worth by helping individuals and organizations see, value, and include people with diverse identities.

Current Favorites from our Blog

 What is CRT Anyway?

All Black History Month we’ve been bringing you facts - many of them hard truths - from the U.S.’s racial history. We’ve called the series “This Is Not CRT.” 

Meeting DEIB: Let's Talk about Interrupting.

Would it surprise you to know that men interrupt more than women? Study after study tell us that the in-meeting experience workers have is significantly impacted by their identity.

Indigenous Podcasts We're Listening To

There are a tremendous number of Indigenous Creators making a wide variety of content. We wanted to share some of our favorite podcasts from Indigenous Creators. Take a listen for a deeper understanding of contemporary Indigenous issues as well as history and deeper context.

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 How We Got Our Name 

In times of instability, African women would braid seeds into their hair and their children’s hair. Those seeds were the hope of future sustenance, regrowth, and renewal. We came to our name, SAIR Collective, from those seeds braided into hair that endured the Atlantic crossing and became the roots planted in foreign soil. Our work at SAIR is seed work. It is root work. We are doing the planting and sowing of truth, empathy, connection, and hope. Our greatest desire and our life’s ambition are that our children’s children see the fruit of the labor that we engage in with you. 

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