We see you. And we care.

In our consulting and training endeavors we work alongside talented, committed and passionate HR and DEIB professionals. And nearly all of them are working with limited resources and face tremendous headwinds as they try to make change. 

We offer initiative support, assessment support and coaching for DEIB professionals and those tasked with DEIB initatives. And in Q1 of 2024, we will launch a membership, The Belonging Circle, specifically designed to support DEIB professionals.

The Belonging Circle

A membership designed to help DEIB and HR professionals be radically more effective, The Belonging Circle is a repository for end to end initiative project plans, toolkits, workshop templates and more. Expected to launch in Q1 of 2024, we are currently welcoming members to the Roda - a group advising the Belonging Circle development. Want to learn more about the Roda? 

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Surveys that work:  Writing questions in organizations with low psychological safety 

Your organization wants to improve psychological safety, but how can you learn more about fears and trust when respondents are afraid to answer? Join us for a free webinar discussing how we craft questions for organizations with minimal psychological safety and how you can improve response rates on difficult questions. 

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