Support, guidance, and strategy to value your most important assets - your people and your relationships. 

Business DEIB Leadership Coaching

We provide one-to-one private coaching for executives and people leaders aspiring to create cultures of belonging. With kind, honest feedback and expert guidance, we’ll help you uncover unconscious bias and understand microaggressions. 

We help leaders move from awareness to action, developing practical strategies for: 

  • Handling identity and difference-based conflict
  • Addressing sensitive, identity-related topics
  • Leading with cultural humility
  • Developing decentering skills and cultural humility in your team
  • Addressing jokes and comments that land wrong
  • Developing an in-meeting culture of allyship
  • Having planned, courageous conversations about both issues and change, and more

Because our one-to-one coaching is completely customized to each client’s needs, we can help craft actionable strategies to handle your immediate and near-term challenges. 

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