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UNLEARN Anti-Blackness

Enrolling now through 3/30/22

A nine-week, small group course that unpacks the historical origins of anti-Blackness in the United States. Through inner exploration, racial socialization work, and meditation, we unlearn anti-Black bias in a supportive small group. Designed for non-Black business leaders, educators, creators, and parents.

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UNLEARN Fatphobia

Coming Fall 2022

This small group course will explore the roots of fatphobia in colonization, the transatlantic slave trade and the rise in Protestantism. In supportive community, we'll decouple beliefs about health, fatness, attractiveness, worth, and ability. Designed for people with all bodies, UNLEARN fatphobia seeks to heal those living in fear of fatness or in adversarial relationship with their own bodies.

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Loving Collective Guides

For non-Black parents of Black and Black Biracial Children. If you're interested in all the guides, consider membership in The Loving Collective. You'll have access to these and all future guides as long as you're a member.