UNLEARN Fatphobia is coming. 

Built around the proven strategies in our UNLEARN AntiBlackness course, UNLEARN Fatphobia is a supportive, guided program designed to help you shed anti-Fat beliefs and biases. 

UNLEARN Fatphobia launches in Fall 2022. 

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Over nine weeks, you’ll unpack your old beliefs and biases, analyze their origins and do the work of healing. You'll learn:

  • How the fear of fatness in the U.S. is tied to the transatlantic slave trade
  • How religion came to vilify fatness and how it continues to do so today. 
  • How anti-Fatness is built into our medical system and diet culture. 
  • How Fatphobia works as a form of social and bodily control. 

Plus, as a small, supportive group, we'll look at our childhood socialization and the messages that we received implicitly and explicitly.  We'll see and untangle the links between our collective past, your socialization, your personal experiences, and cultural messages. 

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